The IofC Approach

Recognising that it will take more than human reason and ability to solve the problems of the world, IofC places the search for inner wisdom at the heart of its approach. When people listen to what is deepest in their hearts, insights often come which lead in unexpected directions. Many understand this experience as guidance from God, others as the leading of conscience or the inner voice. The regular practice of silence can give access to a source of truth, renewal, inspiration and empowerment. Also integral to IofC is a commitment to:

Start with oneself

An honest look at one’s own motives and behaviour is often the start of personal transformation. Cultural and religious traditions across the world offer moral standards as guides for individual and community living. Of these, IofC singles out values of honesty, unselfishness, love and purity of heart and action as practical tests for motives and daily actions.

Listen to others

Honest conversation, undertaken in an open spirit, builds bridges of trust and community between people of similar, different, and even antagonistic, backgrounds. These enable healing, partnership and common action.

Take focused action

IofC’s people and programmes seek to strengthen the moral and spiritual foundations of society and to bring healing and reconciliation where there is conflict; build bridges of trust between different communities and countries; embed ethics, justice and transparency in the global economy; empower leadership to act with integrity, serve unselfishly and be effective agents of change.