Annual Reports

Highlights is an annual review of the work of IofC International including the President's message, and the information about IofC International. Enquiries, and orders for printed copies in English or French, can be sent by email

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Initiatives of Change depends on the generosity of individuals and institutions to continue its vital work. With a long history of volunteerism overheads are kept to a minimum and a little goes a long way. As well as money and gifts of equipment and property, many have given the priceless gift of their time and skills.

In most countries personal donations by individuals form the largest single source of income, though other funding models also exist. In Japan, for example, the main source of finance is from corporate membership. In India revenue is generated from a programme of training courses at the IofC centre in Panchgani which companies and organizations pay for their personnel to attend. The international conference centre in Caux, Switzerland, is partly financed by a hotel management school that rents the facilities outside conference periods. Most specific programs aim to be self-financing, through individual donations and grants from trusts, foundations or public institutions.

The International Association of IofC (Initiatives of Change International) exists to facilitate coordination between member countries, partnership with other international organizations and to provide oversight of IofC trans-national programmes. Its income is derived from donations by member countries with additional external funding for specific projects. During 2006 to 2009 a major source of external funding was the Swiss Government who largely financed a programme of peace-building activities in Burundi undertaken by the IofC International Association.

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