Ethical Leadership

From leadership in the boardroom to the pressing issue of personal governance, IofC recommits itself to take on the challenge of ethical leadership. Honest assessments of personal motivation and courageous changes in personal behaviour have long been at the heart of IofC’s core philosophy and methodology.

Clean Elections Campaign

A call to all people of all backgrounds to commit themselves to consciously electing leaders of integrity.



Back row l – r: Victor Gotevbe, Nigeria; Anthony Duigan; Paul Craig, Scotland
Middle row l – r: Helen Duigan, Mediatrix Masava, Kenya; Roy Ncube, Zimbabwe; Helene Lambrecht; Miriam Makali, Kenya; Estelle Lepan Mbida, South Africa; Tankiso Thobega, Botswana; Pierre Mbida, Cameroon 
Seated l – r: Sam MuirWorkshop for Africa

A programme challenging Africans to build and support good governance - ethical leadership, integrity and active citizenship - in civic, business and political institutions across Africa.


The Harambee group at the Cape of Good Hope where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meetHarambee Leadership Training

It has been operating across Africa since 2003 and it’s emphasis is about young people discovering their inner potential and mobilizing their collective energy to make a conscious and positive difference in the world. The Programme provides an opportunity for the next generation of Africa’s young leaders to begin applying a truth of leadership - that anyone can be a leader if they work to know themselves, listen with care to their fellow human beings and grasp the courage to face the demands of situations that need to change.

Kerotet Secondary SchoolKenya I Care

A creative leadership programme for the youth that aims to motivate, encourage and inspire a sense of responsibility and positive change in their lives.



Handing over of flags from Louis-Coordinator of Rwanda Forum to Mark- Coordinator for next forum in Burundi Eastern Africa Youth Forum

It is an annual forum that is designed to guide young visionary leaders towards ethical living and leadership within the Eastern Africa region. Participants are challenged to look at their own hopes, fears and motivations and examine their relationships with an aim to make a collective search for answers to common issues and concerns faced in the region.