Mountain House, CauxIn 1946 Caux, in Switzerland, opened its doors to become the joint international conference centre for Initiatives of Change, supplementing the centre already established on Mackinac Island in the Great Lakes in North America. Each summer the Caux assembly draws between 1400 and 2000 people of all different walks of life to be part of a continuous series of programmes dealing with specific subjects. It is at Caux that many of the IofC programmes are developed. More >>


Asia PlateauAsia Plateau in Panchgani, India is another international conference centre. Created in 1967, it runs training courses in character development throughout the year for people in industry, the armed forces, and NGO's, as well as for school and university students and families. More >>



Armagh in Melbourne, the Australia-Pacific centre for IofC, offers an experience of community-living, and regular conferences, meetings and courses for young people. Read more about Armagh on IofC's Australian website.



Sítio São Luiz

Originally built as a large family residence, Sitio São Luiz is now the conference centre of Initiatives of Change in Latin America. It was acquired in 1965 through the sacrifice of many people who gave money and volunteered their time, campaigned and cooked meals, to gather the necessary resources. Every year it hosts visitors from all parts of society, including industry, community leaders, trade unionists, students, businessmen, and religious leaders. They take part in a variety of programs including events run by IofC (such as the annual Meeting of the Americas), and events run by like-minded groups who rent the facility. Incomes generated are used for the maintenance and improvement of facilities. Sitio São Luiz exists for the specific purpose of providing a training center and events venue to spread and deepen the ideas of Initiatives of Change for all people, and especially the people of Latin America.

Photo of Caux by Chris Down, photo of Armagh by Chloe Jiang, photo of Sitio São Luiz by Alline Serpa.