Thursday, September 8, 2016

Attitude is Everything - Creators of Peace in Loyamorok Village, Baringo County, Kenya 

Loyamorok means ‘a place of stones’. This village is found in Nginyang division of East Pokot, in Baringo County and it is here that a Creators of Peace (CoP) training took place from the 12th to 14th May, 2016 with 20 participants. With great enthusiasm the training started very well. A number of the ladies were a bit reserved because they only understood their local dialect and there had to be some translation.

After the introduction using the thread game, one lady said she learnt that ‘one person’s action in the family, village, church or market place can affect the rest of the community at large.’   This was a lesson well understood and they concluded that whatever one does, it always comes back to them and it is therefore important to do what is right.

Elizabeth had a sad story of her upbringing - not attending school due to the culture of the day, and the miseries that followed her even in  her marital life. The forgiveness session gave her an opportunity to reconcile with herself and other close family members. She started a new beginning in her life.  She said that she was ready to forgive her husband and she would continue teaching people the meaning of love, peace and harmony. ‘I came here a very bitter person, but the training has melted the hate and I therefore have forgiven my husband for abandoning me, and my parents for denying me education that could have changed the course of my life,’ she concluded.

The ladies had a chance to examine themselves during a time of quiet.Chepsokesi shared that she was taking home the phrase ‘attitude is everything’ because she always blamed other people without seeing that she could be in the wrong as well. Chebokaria said she was leaving the training a better person.‘I never knew that forgiving heals ones heart. I always thought it was just to avoid chaos,’ she added.

The training wrapped up with the women committing to be peace ambassadors in the community at all levels. They committed to be role models by the way they live so that their lives can be ‘motivational books’ to be read by the public. The graduation was graced by the area Chief Mr. Issack Kasait Lokalya, who thanked the CoP team for their work, commitment and sacrifice to reach such remote areas. He assured the women that he, together with the other leaders in the area, would support the initiatives they will take after the training in order to work towards the improvement of Loyamorok area.

 Report by: EstherMarrie Inzekellah and Rachael Wamalwa