Thursday, June 27, 2019

Creators of Peace Circles delivering Inner healing at Ivory Park, Johannesburg

From the 15th – 17th May 2019, Eco Village Centre, situated in Ivory Park, north east of Johannesburg opened one of its halls to 20 young men and women to attend a Peace Circle as part of the City of Johannesburg's program to socially uplift youth to be employable.

The expectation from the participants was to know more about the inner healing process.  There was a desperation to heal and move forward, let go of anger and deal with conflicts, find a positive approach, self-forgiveness and ways to let go of the past. During the session of “What builds and destroys Peace”, Bongi, one of the participants mentioned that she was causing unnecessary conflicts with who? and it destroyed her peace as well as that of the family at home.

As the Peace Circle continued on the second day, people already felt that there is a huge change within them. They had begun to learn how to handle conflict positively. Some of them mentioned that they started to sleep well.  They felt happy and had learnt how important it is to value oneself. They also began to see the importance of listening through a session called, “Listening to others.” Lucel Snyers, one of the facilitators, said; “God created us with two ears and one mouth because He knew how important listening would be.”

Mantwa Mabe, another facilitator, explored 'The Power of Forgiveness' with the group.  She said, “No one gets up from their bed and decides to become a criminal, but endless undealt with pain and anger over years turns them into becoming criminals.” This conversation was so deep and participants wanted to talk more. As understanding was reached, Jeffery, one of the participants said that he is willing to forgive his parents and want to reconcile with them. Xola, another participant expressed that she will now forgive her brother and move forward with her life's journey. Practical steps that the group have taken were to go to their homes and restore their relationships with family members. Some of the participants will enrol and finish high school

An expression of gratitude and appreciation to Initiatives of Change, Aulicious Food and Décor and City of Johannesburg for all the support and love in the inner healing journey.

Reported by: Lucel Snyers