Friday, March 15, 2024

“I Now Feel Free”: Creators of Peace Circles in Mau Narok, Nakuru County

The Creators of Peace Circles Kenya held on December 15-16, 2023, in Mau Narok, Nakuru County, was a profound experience for participants, fostering deep insights and transformative personal growth. The Peace Circle provided a safe space for participants to engage in story-sharing and reflection, leading to significant realizations and commitments towards inner peace as well as outer peace.

Another participant reflected on personal growth, stating, "I have learned not to speak bad words to my children, to stop tribalistic tendencies, and to plant positive seeds for future generations." This commitment to breaking cycles of negativity, ethnic divisions and fostering a culture of peace within families and communities was a testament to the impact of Peace Circle.

Participants also shared insights into the importance of inner peace. "You cannot have peace on the outside, without having peace within" remarked one woman, highlighting the journey towards inner healing and self-forgiveness as essential steps towards creating peace in internal and external relationships.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to deepen their understanding of peace, another participant stated, "I really appreciate COP for helping us learn about peace in depth. I now understand peace in a new dimension." This acknowledgment of the transformative learning experience underscores the value of programs like Creators of Peace in fostering personal growth and societal transformation.

Participants also shared personal stories of overcoming adversity and embracing forgiveness. From battling alcoholism and bitterness to finding inner peace and freedom, each narrative spoke to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. "I have learned a lot from story-sharing, and it has increased my degree of forgiveness," shared one participant, encapsulating the transformative power of personal story sharing and being listened to with empathy and without judgement.

"I have a been deeply touched in a special way," shared one participant while reflecting on the impact of her newfound peace. "Creators of Peace has given me a noble peace prize that no one else has ever given me. I now feel free," they added, encapsulating the sense of liberation and empowerment fostered by Peace Circles.

The Peace Circle was facilitated by Ann Gitu, Rose Kamau, and Annastasia Munene.

Special thanks are extended to Shoshana Faire from Australia for her generous support, enabling participants to engage in this transformative journey towards peace and wholeness.

Report by Ann Gitu, Rose Kamau, and Annastasia Munene