Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Guitar lessons  and Trustbuilding dialogue in Subukia, Kenya

Our guitar for peace training and dialogue continues at the American corner located at the Nakuru library. On 1st December we had a special day in Nakuru when our President, Uhuru Kenyatta came to give our municipal town a charter to become a city. This is a very important development in our town and county as we hope to see more opportunities coming our way. Nakuru town is known as the political hot seat of the nation; it’s here where either peace or war starts in the country. It thus becomes very important for us to hold an intense Trustbuilding dialogue here. 

Our team has grown strong, we are now able to hold open dialogue freely and deeply.  It’s good to see this group now reasoning better by the day regarding issues which we have not been bothering with.

Culture is a way of life; it is our expression of what is in our minds - Kamau. 

Our dialogue on week 5 was on culture particularly looking at ways in which we can embrace diverse cultures. We have 42 tribes and though we coexist harmoniously during election time divisions arise as politicians seek votes along ethnic lines.

The saying that when we go to Rome we do as the Romans do become useful in determining how we appear to others.

I narrated how in TBP at Garissa we requested the ladies to be modest in dressing so as to be taken seriously by the imams and priests.

Clothes speak more about us than we can imagine- Carol 

“We should involve people of different races to dialogue so as to resolve issues; and by singing we cerebrates diversity AS WELL AS call for unity” concluded grace.

We ended the year by singing Christmas carols, wishing each other good tidings and hoping to have a prosperous new year. This season is also very important here as a time to meet with family members and friends.


Report by John Njoroge