Thursday, May 10, 2018

Inner healing is the start of balancing the mind, body and spirit - Creators of Peace

When Nikki Rowe says, “Pain in the body is a clear indication that something in the energy fields is blocking growth,” this encompasses the outcome of the Creators of Peace Circle held at Braamfischerville, near Johannesburg from the 18th to 20th April 2018 to an energetic group of 12 women.

Braamfischerville is a 19-year old developing community with the majority of its residents being South African from different provinces of the country plus refugees from surrounding Southern African countries.  They have come to Gauteng province (meaning ‘A Place of Gold’) in search of work in old mining areas.  This community faces crime, lack of service delivery, rape and substance abuse.

Debating the subject of what peace is, the group concluded that individual peace is a journey.  Awareness of blind spots to finding peace and change in their characters helped them see how they can become motivated, tolerant, assertive and sympathetic. Zanele, a participant said that studying the “qualities of a peace creator helped me understand myself more.”

Some personal worries mentioned by the participants include rejection, hopes to study and single parenting.  Family worries expressed are lack of communication, lack of emotional support, lack of finances and physical abuse.

Realising one’s role in building or destroying Peace propelled the necessity to further discuss the disappointments in love relationships and cheating as the highest contributor to children growing up without the support of both parents as well as family disputes and hate towards most men. Conflict resolution skills given during the Peace Circle helped the group to realise their role in building peace by listening to others in order to re-build trust in relationships. They realised that peace is being destroyed through blame, conflict in the homes, manipulation, controlling and past experiences.

Inspiring and interesting dreams are re-kindled as an outcome of introducing a reflective lifestyle to the participants. Dreams of becoming an Accountant, Fashion Designer, Chef, Doctor, Police woman, Social Worker, Community Developer, Administrator and Lawyer. However, lack of basic services and growing up without a sense of belonging and a happy identity, such talents and skills go to waste because of the hopelessness one sees in communities, shared Cleo, one of the co-facilitators.

Portia Mosia shared her story with the group, with the emphasis on how forgiveness “frees” one, moving from being a victim to becoming a victor.  Some of the steps that the participants took towards their healing journey was to reconcile with family members, use the conflict resolution process of the ‘Three I’s’,  (Identifiying, Impact and Invitation), to address an issue, show appreciation towards their families and speak to their children calmly. Other participants mentioned that they would seek further assistance for counselling.  Others would like to co-ordinate family lunches as a start to unity in the family. 

At the end of the three days one felt that the participants had rejuvenated energy and were ready to start this new journey of self care and healing.

Grateful to collaborations with the Saved by Grace Church, Audilicious Catering, City of Johannesburg -  Women Department and Initiatives of Change, South Africa.

Reported by:

Cleo Mohlaodi, Portia Mosia and Lucel Snyers