Friday, January 15, 2016

Caux Training Coordinator (40%)

CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation– Background Information

Established in 1946, the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation (CAUX-IofC) organizes and coordinates international and local conferences, seminars and training in Switzerland bringing together a true diversity of people. Every summer, the foundation hosts the “International Caux Conferences” in its Conference Centre, the former Caux-Palace. “Caux” is also the name of the village where the Conference Centre is located, just above Montreux, with a breathtaking view on Lake Geneva.

CAUX-IofC provides a safe and privileged space to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organisations from around the globe to engage effectively and innovatively in the promotion of trust, ethical leadership, sustainable living and human security.

CAUX-IofC operates in line with its key approach of bringing global change through personal change and with its core values of absolute respect for human dignity, of truth, solidarity and care at every level of public or personal life. CAUX-IofC recommends silent reflection as a means to access creativity and inspiration.

The CAUX-IofC Foundation is the Swiss national body of Initiatives of Change International (IofC) a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own.

Training in Caux during the summer– Context

Formal and informal training takes place in the Caux Conference Centre each summer, in parallel to the International Caux Conferences. There are academic training offerings, such as the Caux Scholars Program which delivers an academic 4-week programme on Conflict Transformation. There is structured training delivered to the Interns Leadership Programme covering personal and leadership development building using the Initiatives of Change (IofC) values and the practice of quiet time, in addition to this there are supplementary models and exercises on embodied leadership. Volunteers are currently provided with less formal training. Particularly for the practical work they do within departments.  This is accompanied by differing levels of personal/spiritual development. Some conferences include training programmes, but most tend to include workshops on various subjects.   There is no co-ordination binding all these different forms of training together and this post has been put in place to address this lack.

Another potential area which this role might become involved in is linking the training to the CAUX-IofC Swiss Projects portfolio which delivers training throughout the year with partners in areas such as facilitation training.  The manager of the Swiss Projects portfolio wishes to develop a broader suite of training tools for delivery in Switzerland all year around starting later in 2016.  This may form part of the role later this year.

The Role of Caux Training Coordinator

The Caux Training Coordinator is a new post and will report to the Caux HR Manager.  The successful candidate will work closely with the Intern Leadership Programme Coordinator and others in responsible positions at CAUX-IofC.  This joint working will include conducting an annual Needs Assessment to link the various training programmes and conferences, to map out opportunities for training through the summer, sourcing and managing trainers as necessary, and creating a programme of training opportunities to significantly enhance the “Caux experience” for those participating. It requires team-leading, logistical coordination, strategy implementation, alongside vision and passion for all that the Caux Training Programme can become.

The Postholder will develop and implement:

  • An holistic and integrated vision for the provision of experiential and formal training during the summer in Caux and a plan to implement this vision
  • A management protocol for the future development of the Caux Training Programme and the implementation of same
  • A connection between the training delivered by the Interns Programme and the Volunteers, creating, for example, a shared curriculum eg a more common introduction/induction to volunteering during the summer conference season in Caux
  • A suite of ‘units’ that deliver best-practice on IofC key activities around, particularly, Trustbuilding, Ethical Leadership, Sustainable Living, and Peacebuilding.  We seek to develop a centre for vocational training in Caux which will be accredited by an external training provider. The development of this will be pivotal to this role
  • Full documentation for the above units
  • Trainer training
  • Management training deploying IofC values for building and growing diverse teams
  • Standardised training on how to facilitate their groups for different applications- such as the Community Group Leaders
  • Some best practice around facilitating conference sessions together with the group already charged with doing this
  • A vocational training framework for the conference season in Caux and to manage its effective implementation
  • An effective working relationship with the IofC International Training Personnel to develop and maintain an understanding of IofC regional training programmes and how the Caux Training can fit with them
  • A plan for future cooperation with the Foundation’s Swiss Projects Portfolio
  • A plan to maximise training opportunities across the various existing activities for all those coming to the Caux Conferences: participants, volunteers and staff
  • The provision of training related content for funding proposals
  • An annual training report
  • Training to support the Caux Planning Meetings

Reporting and Significant Relationships

The Caux Training Coordinator reports to the Caux HR Manager and works closely with the Interns Leadership Programme Coordinator as well as others holding responsibility for training at the Caux Conference Centre and at the Foundation.  They will conduct an annual needs assessment and then link with the training programmes (Scholars, Interns and Artists) and conferences to map out opportunities for training (formal and informal) through the summer, manage trainers as necessary, and create a programme of training opportunities to significantly enhance the “Caux experience” for those undertaking the training.

Person Specification

This role requires experience and skill in the areas of team-leading, logistical coordination, implementing strategic direction, budget management, working with others, strong communication skills both written and oral.  We are looking for someone who has a vision and passion for the potential of the Caux Training Programme.

Someone with a high level of written and spoken English, and French would be a real asset.

Preference will be given to a candidate who has worked within, and preferably managed, an IofC training environment, who is a trainer and/or a qualified assessor of vocational qualifications, who has a passion and commitment to the core values of Initiatives of Change and an understanding and a calling to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

We are looking for someone who is experienced in curriculum development and can take this through to delivery and who also has an understanding, and some experience, in the field of evaluation.

Above all we are looking for a “people person”, someone who will adopt the principle of “People First, Task Second” and who can inspire others to share the CAUX-IofC vision.

We are aware that this is a big “ask” for someone to take on this role, but we also know that the successful candidate will be a pioneer who will have the joy of making a significant contribution to the future development of Caux.  We offer high levels of support and, will endeavour to build a team around the successful candidate to share this exciting task.

Terms and Conditions

Remuneration will be for 2 days per week throughout the year and will be commensurate with experience and location. The candidate must be available to work in Caux, above Montreux in Switzerland for more than 10 days during the summer, which will be over and above the 2-days funded commitment.  Costs for accommodation and meals at Caux are covered.

You will work from home/your office.  The position is self-employed.  The length of engagement will initially be for one year but we are committed to find funding to continue it into a second and third year.

Remuneration will be discussed at interview.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and a motivation letter in English, showing how you fit the Person Specification above, to before midnight on January 31 2016, mentioning the title of the position in the subject line.  Please also give the names and emails of two people whom we can ask for references.

Interviews will be held virtually in the week beginning 8 February 2016.

Start date

February 15, 2016 or as arranged with your Line Manager.


CAUX-Initiatives of Change

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