Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Kenya I Care Program 


January to September report



‘Kenya I Care’ is a program of Initiatives of Change   International--an Organization working to build trust across the world’s divides. Initiatives of Change is registered in Kenya as a society and it has other programs like Peace and Reconciliation Farmers Dialogue, Creators of Peace and Clean, Elections Campaign.


Kenya I Care is mainly a school’s and young people’s program that was started in 2008, with an aim of addressing issues affecting young people as well as creating platforms for them to experience introspection –as a way of evaluating their relationships, actions, habits and how to make a positive change in the society starting with their own lives. Issues affecting young people in Kenya have changed and varied with time. As societies strive to maintain peace, cohesion, political and economic stability, young people have found themselves wanting to play a role but it’s a struggle against all odds.


Kenya I Care program therefore explores dynamics within the society and the needs arising due to social, economic and political extremes in order to inspire meaningful lives in young people. Every year many schools are reached by this program, and many other young people in different forums.


Since covid 19 hit our country– there has been challenges in the flow of the program. However, Subukia the program has still been running. This happens at Subukia Vocational Training Centre. this is a technical training centre targeting high school levers who do not make it to campus. The centre provides training in various technical discipline namely motro vehicle mechanic, electrical and electronics, building and construction, fashion and design , beauty and cosmetics among others. We therefore have a group of young mature adults learning. This calls for a need to guide them on different issues as well as to train them to be capable guiding peers of others. There is therefore, a 2 hour session every Friday afternoon to cater for this.


There is a good number of learners currently at around 120. Some of them are young parents either single parents or young couples. They are currently divided into 2 groups of about 60 with a sub group of about 30. There is a designed self driven dialogue program using the iofc format. There are some chosen students who act as facilitators for the session whereby they conduct an open dialogue which bring up various issues for discussion and sharing.


The program runs as a peace café: a family styled group discussion in which people gets to know each other intimately. It creates an opportunity to listen and contribute in an orderly and respectful environment. No one is above the other in the group. They sit in a circular format so as to create rapport and observe some of the following regulations:


-Focus on what matters, no silly jokes

-Contribute your thinking; there is no right or wrong answer in the group.

-Listen to understand; give special attention to the speaker, no murmuring.

-Link and connect ideas; members should learn to fully follow the discussion.

-Listen together for insight and deeper questions

-Have fun



-Crafting creative responses

-Experiencing an honest conversation

-Practicing emphatic listening


The program takes place during the guidance and counseling session and therefore follows the functions of guidance as a process which helps every individual to help himself; to recognize and use one’s own inner potentials and to set goals as well as work out own problems for development.

Some of the participants have this to say about the program, “These sessions have taught me how to understand and accept the life situation.  I used to feel like a failure when coming here but I have realized the potential this institution can created for me in life” Mary Wambui one of the group leaders.

This session has helped me go through crisis and has opened my eyes to the need for sharing our problems with others for healing” Denis an electrical and electronics students. “I used to have a personality issue but now I feel as if a great development has taken place. I am able to talk more openly in public without fear.” says Pauline, a Food and Beverage student.  There are also good comments from the main patron of the club who always makes sure it takes place.

This session has been of great help to our institutions. The student’s love it and no one pushes them to assemble. They do it in an orderly manner and seem fully involved in the discussion. And in fact discipline wise we have seen a difference.” Evans the Welding instructor comments.