Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Report of YWCA Student Leaders Peace Circle Training, Uganda  

The training was conducted at the request of Creators of Peace (CoP) in an effort to bring younger ladies on board.  As the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) institution was in session, it was not possible to get the students even on a Friday, hence the staggered training on three consecutive Saturdays (31st August, 7th and 14th September).

Training sessions

There were 17 ladies from different academic courses, who participated in the Peace Circle. Participants were very expectant, eager to learn and found the methodology of training, especially the introductions with the string, very exciting. The training was participatory and participants actively engaged in group discussions, sharing ideas and experiences.

The session on the Power of Forgiveness turned out to be the one that impacted them the most. Participants decided to take the first step to forgive people who had hurt them by writing letters to them. Everyone busied themselves doing this. Some said they wanted to let go of their past and move on. A big number picked envelopes so their letters can be delivered while a few opted to burn what they had written.

Participants agreed that from what they had leant, they would make an effort to be the change agents at YWCA and in the communities where they lived. They also agreed to continue meeting as a group and to have such trainings for more students. Mrs. Joyce Werikhe, a leader with CoP and also the Chairperson of the Governing Council of YWCA, handed participants certificates and thanked them for attending the training.  Ms. Lillian Namutebi, Dean of Students YWCA, thanked CoP for the training and asked for more such opportunities.

Report by Mediatrix Masava