Monday, September 7, 2015

The Bungoma County Creators of Peace (CoP) follow-up meeting was held on 8 August. In the early days, Bungoma town was originally a meeting place of elders and whenever the sound of drums would emanate from the area, a meeting would assemble. When the CoP drums sounded, seven women came to share how their lives had been impacted by the CoP training they participated in last year. 

With a smiling face Linet shared that she had become a role model. She was once a very bitter woman and could not forgive anyone.  ‘I let go of all the bitterness and forgave my relatives.  I have started to unite them and we have a table banking group and they made me their chairperson. I feel so happy and I have even added more weight because I am at peace.’ 

Irene is now a woman leader in the church. Mildred and Eveline had struggled with forgiveness prior to the training. With time, Mildred also learnt to hold on to her inner peace which cannot be achieved without forgiveness. Her husband had ill-treated her and their children, however she made a point of pardoning him so that she could move on. Eveline forgave her immediate neighbour in front of everyone for the arguments and insults.

Women sharing during the CoP training in 2014Josephine, Jane and Adelaide had learnt to listen. Listening for direction and then making sober decisions. Josephine who is hot tempered is now seen as a peace maker and no longer suffers rejection. Listening to other people and taking time to respond has been working well for Jane who sees peace as the key to happiness.  For Adelaide, listening to others is very important. ‘When someone sees that you are listening to them they feel valued,’ she said.

The women made a pledge in which they promised to be peace creators. They lit candles to signify that the light should continue burning in their hearts.

By Racheal Wamalwa