Friday, March 15, 2024

“There is power in forgiveness” Creators of Peace Circles in Philadelphia Home, Nakuru County

The Creators of Peace Circles held on December 19- 20, 2023, at Philadelphia Home, brought together 22 young adults (14 girls, 8 boys) and three dedicated facilitators. The children's home was established 20 years ago by Ford and Susan from the Netherlands.

The Peace Circle was tailored to suit the young participants, many of whom faced adversities like orphanhood and homelessness. Despite their painful pasts, they found solace and hope through sharing personal stories and experiences and expressed hope for the future. "My past doesn't define my future," expressed of the participants, epitomizing the newfound optimism.

Through the Peace Circle, the young participants embraced self-love and forgiveness, transforming bitterness into resilience. "My life is changing from being bitter to better," shared one participant, echoing the sentiments of many who found liberation through forgiveness and self-acceptance.

The power of storytelling and forgiveness resonated deeply, empowering participants to create inner peace and envision a brighter future. "There is power in forgiveness," remarked one participant, highlighting the transformative impact of embracing forgiveness and hope.

The experiential string exercise challenged participants to recognize the ripple effect of their words and actions, inspiring a commitment to be agents of peace and change.

One of the Staff members, Erick, acknowledged the importance of the Creators of Peace Circles and requested that Creators of Peace Kenya considers taking more of their young adults through the Peace Circles.

The Peace Circle was facilitated by Ann Gitu, Rose Kamau, and Annastasia Munene, whose dedication and expertise guided the participants on their journey towards healing and reconciliation.

Special thanks are extended to Shoshana Faire from Australia for her generous support, enabling the transformative impact of the Peace Circles in Philadelphia Home.

Report by Ann Gitu, Rose Kamau, and Annastasia Munene