Friday, March 15, 2024

“I promise myself to live and embrace peace”.

Creators of Peace Circle in Racecourse Estate, Nakuru

A transformative Peace Circle unfolded in the Racecourse Estate of Nakuru from January 20-22, 2024, gathering 10 participants, including some from Philadelphia Home, two refugee women from South Sudan, and three young men. The participants were young people, contributing to a vibrant and diverse Peace Circle process centered around inner peace, forgiveness, reflections and healing. The facilitators took the participants through the ten gathering points. The Peace Circles remained true to its nature of being a simple process that is full of transformation power.

One of the young men reflected on his family roles, stating, "As a man, a husband, and a father, I now feel very well-equipped to guard my inner peace at all costs." He highlighted the importance of inner peace in fostering family harmony and expressed a belief that if individuals prioritize inner peace, the prevalence of murders in Kenya could be mitigated.

Another young participant, moved by the Peace Circle experience, expressed a wish for his mother's involvement, pledging to share the insights gained for her own healing and growth. This sentiment echoed the deep desire for collective healing and transformation within families and communities.

A participant articulated a need for introspection, stating, "Reflections are what I need. At times I feel like I'm walking in the air without knowing my destination. I will slow down and take more time with self." This acknowledgment underscored the importance of self-reflection amidst life's uncertainties.

Another participant, once resigned to a life of hurt, discovered the transformative power of embracing peace through meditation and dialogue, remarking, "I thought I was born to be hurt. But now I know how to embrace peace, meditate on peace, and share about peace."

The courageous sharing of struggles by a young man, who had contemplated suicide due to rejection and illness, exemplified the transformative power of storytelling in fostering healing and self-acceptance. He declared, "Today is my turning point in life. I promise myself to live and embrace peace. I want to share my story not with pain but with gladness."

As the Peace Circle concluded, participants expressed a desire to continue the journey towards inner peace, healing, and personal growth. "Creators of peace have changed my attitude; now I can be a peace creator," affirmed one participant, reflecting on the transformative impact of the experience.

The Peace Circle was facilitated by Annastacia Munene, Rose Njeri and Annie Gitu.

The Peace Circle was made possible through the generosity of Shoshana Faire from Australia. The CoP Kenya team extends heartfelt appreciation for her support in fostering peace and healing within the Kenyan community.

Report by Annastacia Munene, Rose Njeri and Annie Gitu.