Eastern Africa Youth Forum

The Eastern Africa Youth Forum (EAYF) is an annual programme that is designed to guide young visionary leaders towards ethical living and leadership within the Eastern Africa region (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, North Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia.) It is a programme of Initiatives of Change (IofC), a network of people committed to the transformation of society based on change in individuals starting with themselves.

Participants are challenged to examine their relationships and role in society through times of reflection, plenary sessions, workshops and community work. They are encouraged to look at their own hopes, fears and motivations and examine their relationships with an aim to make a collective search for answers to common issues and concerns faced in the region.


An Africa that is economically prosperous, politically vibrant, ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive a continent of people who celebrate their cultural heritage and diversity, bringing hope to the world (Developed by Harambee 5 participants in Ethiopia, 2009)


1. Create a Central support system for young Eastern Africa leaders to address common issues faced in the region.
2. Share Experiences, learn from each other and emulate best practices.
3. To encourage transparency and Accountability in the young Eastern Africa minds as they aspire to take up leadership opportunities.
4. Create a harmonious and prosperous region that other countries in Africa and beyond can emulate.
5. Support the MDG’s by creating awareness 

Birth of EAYF

After the 5th Harambee Africa leadership training by Initiatives of Chang in Ethiopia in 2009, that implored on relevant and tactful leadership in responding to issues facing Africa, the delegates from the Eastern Africa bloc made a resolution to hold an annual caucus within the region to discuss common issues faced and how to respond to them. The idea to have an Eastern Africa Youth Forum (previously called Eastern Africa Youth Conference) was thus born and Kenya was honoured with the opportunity to host the first forum in 2011 and Uganda hosted the second one in 2012.


1. Annual EAYF: EAYF aims to annually create a common ground for 90 young people from the 9 Eastern Africa region to come together  to discuss and brainstorm on how best to address the common problems facing their countries. The annual common forum is to take place in the different countries on a rotational basis and since we had the first one in 2011, the last of these forums is expected to take place in the year 2019!

Annual EAYF progress so far

  • February 2011 – Nakuru, Kenya
  • February 2012- Kampala, Uganda
  • February 2013- Kigali, Rwanda
  • February 2014- Bujumbura, Burundi
  • February 2015- South Sudan- Plans underway


2. Leadership Forums/Workshops: ‘Integrity Youth Campaign’: EAYF will  host ‘Youth Integrity Campaigns’ in the 9 countries to empower, encourage, capacity build and offer mentorship to young people who are courageous enough to stand up and give ethical leadership and governance in their society.  Every year for next three years (2013-2015), EAYF will run 3-one week mini workshops in 3 countries for 30 committed young leaders in each country hence comprehensively empowering and mentoring 270 young people around Eastern Africa!


As IofC, we believe that, it’s time for young leaders to prepare and take up leadership of this continent for the sake of their generation and generations to come. With poor leadership, even the best drafted blue prints and strategies are doomed to fail! This is therefore an opportunity to reflect on the gains made in the region, re-strategize on failed tactics, re-invent new strategies, re-implement them and re-evaluate for the good of the continent.


To contact the EAYF planning team: Email here