The Mission of a Clean Election Campaign

  • To stop corruption, violence and apathy
  • To curb vote buying and selling
  • To raise the levels of conscience and commitment to integrity nationally
  • To enable ordinary people to share responsibility for the integrity of the electoral process
  • To show people that they can make a difference
  • To educate people about the qualities of good leaders and the criteria for assessing candidates

Objectives of Clean Election Campaign

  • To help voters become aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • To illustrate the importance of good governance and how that depends upon electing representatives of integrity
  • To emphasize the importance of personal integrity in elected leaders as the basis for public integrity
  • To call upon voters not to sell their votes, nor to vote purely on the basis of tribe or ethnicity, but to vote consciously for better leadership for all
  • To carefully monitor the electoral process before, during and after the election, noting any irregularities, abuses or other problems, sharing the findings as appropriate afterwards so that lessons can be learned