Kenya I Care

Kenya I Care is a young people's creative leadership programme. The programme basically in cultivates moral values and principles into our students and youth. We bring to their consciousness that they have a role to play in building a Kenya free of greed and hate. Their education should go beyond passing exams, hence becoming responsible enough to make Kenya great by doing the small positive actions they commit to.

We motivate, encourage, challenge and inspire responsibility, positive change and moral standards and principles.


To create a more enlightened and enriched society by encouraging a build up of young leadership, responsibility, peaceful co-existence and trust within communities.

Core Values

Absolute Honesty
Absolute Love
Absolute Unselfishness
Absolute Purity

  • Encourage the young people to care for our country
  • Develop future and present leaders who are accountable and responsible of their own lives and society
  • Nurture the moral and spiritual values of the youth
  • Create awareness of the broader importance of the young minds in our country
  • Advocate for personal and moral integrity as a basis for a morally upright society

Our programme is designed to enrich, enlighten and provoke critical thinking in young people. We challenge them to look into their lives and make decisions and choices wisely, honestly, lovingly and selflessly.

  • Leadership
  • Tools for Change
  • Values, Relationships and Family
  • Power of Forgiveness
  • Embracing our tribal diversities
  • Transforming Conflict
  • Reflections and Introspection
  • Team Work & Community Building
  • Commitment
  • Character Bank of Kenya 


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