Thursday, 17 March, 2022

A team of representatives from Moral Rearmament conducted a training in line with the year theme of 'An Encounter with Iofc' at a local high school - Sacred Heart College in Gweru. As part of the programme, the human library provided a platform for story sharing touching on how IofC and the Four Absolute standards have helped in self discovery. Participation was high and the participants were keen to learn and explore more on what the journey of change entails.

Friday, 04 March, 2022

A one day Trustbuilding dialogue with the Red Cross volunteers at their facility in Nakuru town on 4th February 2022. The objective of the meeting was to try and help young people maintain peace within the campaign period and on to the election time. The group comprised of 21 young people drawn from different corners of the town who are currently attending to different chores; some are students in local colleges and some trying out some small business and other temporary jobs. 

Friday, 06 September, 2019

Mumbi is IofC Kenya’s National Coordinator and a level 3 facilitator for Creators of Peace and has run and supported over 26 Peace Circles. Mumbi has trained CoP facilitators in Uganda (T.o.F), she is a facilitator of Kenya I Care project, has facilitated workshops with South Sudanese and Sudanese people living in Kenya, university students, secondary, primary schools, and youths. 

Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

"Culture is a way of life; it is our expression of what is in our minds" - Kamau.
Our dialogue on week 5 was on culture particularly looking at ways in which we can embrace diverse cultures. We have 42 tribes and though we coexist harmoniously during election time divisions arise as politicians seek votes along ethnic lines.

Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

Tensions and mistrust within interfaith and interethnic communities have led to violent extremism in Kenya. Mutual understanding and connection is created through honest dialogues and outreach activities.

Monday, 20 December, 2021

The Family dialogue, designed as intergenerational, started after the participants broke into two groups of different ages and genders, one being between the ages of 20-35 years and the other group between the ages of 36 – 56 years. Bennet asked these groups to acknowledge their short comings in the society which leads to the dysfunctions within families. The question posed by the facilitator was, ‘What is it that the older generation needs to acknowledge about the younger generation’s social behaviours and their responsibilities and vice versa?

Wednesday, 15 December, 2021

Remembering what my worth is , Creators of Peace Diepkloof, South Africa. One participant during the session on Circles of Concern said, “I’m grateful for the space given for me to look into what stresses me about myself and my family.  I am realising that the disunity in my family stresses me.  I feel there is a lot that can be done to unite the family.  Ayanda said, “I’m aware of my lies about my health (on medication for bipolar disorder) and it concerns me.  I know I can do something about it.  However, I feel I won’t do anything now because I still feel judgement from my family about my health and my body weight.”

Friday, 10 December, 2021

Some of the expectations the group set for themselves:  Being honest with oneself: discerning what is anger and what is hurt; growing inner peace; sustaining peace; healing from historical wounds;  improving communication skills, learning how to resolve your an

Thursday, 02 December, 2021

Initiatives of Change with the Creators of Peace Programme, Olieven Development Association and (Carina van Zyl) partnered to deliver a Peace Circle to the residents of Olievenhoutbosch and surrounding areas as a foundation for Family Trustbuilding Dialogues. Creators of Peace had a target of 80 individuals. On the 13th to the 20th of October 2021 we managed to reach 44 participants separated into two groups who went through a peace circle. The first group consisted of 5 men participants and 18 female, aged 20 – 45, whilst the second group had 19 women and 2 men, aged 20-50. Majority of these participants are unemployed residents of various extensions of Olievenhoutbosch, others just finished their matric and are looking for work opportunities to make a living whilst others are care workers at Future Families Organisation based at Olievenhoutbosch. Most of them are from homelands in different parts of the Limpopo Province. There was one participant who came to the workshop with a 3 year-old boy because there was no one to look after the child.

Wednesday, 01 December, 2021

Gugulethu community is a densely populated township in Cape Town, approx. 600 km's from their original homes at the Eastern Cape. Many of Gugulethu residents migrated looking for work and opportunities to further their studies. Issues like lack of family support, communication and unity were the most shared feelings. Sadly many come from broken families, have lost family members and haven't managed to grief the loved ones, women having to be single parents while fathers are absent b choice or in jail.. Some have had to raise their siblings from an early age. Cape town is a beautiful city but the black & Coloured families in low settlement communities are stretched in pain and discomfort searching for healing and a miracle.